bigmona (bigmona) wrote in jackim,

Tough week...

I haven't been as good with my eating this week as in the past. It's not that I ate a lot of bad foods or anything, it's just that I haven't been watching everything as closely. We ate out a couple of times and although I picked things that weren't too bad, they were probably higher calorie than I have been trying to eat. So far I haven't seemed to gain any weight, but I haven't lost any this week either. I also haven't worked out yet, but next week I'm going to be working six days instead of five and they will be shorter days than usual. This should leave plently of time and hopefully energy to work out next week. I'm hoping that this will be the jump start to my working out regularly. I seem to be losing weight at a fairly nice pace when I'm paying close attention to my calorie intake. I believe that adding exercise to that is going to really help the weight to fly off. When I lost all that weight when I was at KU, it was primarily due to exercise. I watched what I ate, but I didn't kill myself over every little calorie. Then, I lost about 30 pounds or so in less than two months. I hope to do that again.
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