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Weight loss goals by date...

Since my overall goal is to be at 160 by October 2, I decided to break down the time in between then and now in order to have little goal posts in between. I think that this will make it much easier for me. If I just left it at wanting to be at 160 by October, then I could make excuses until a couple of months out and then start trying desperately to lose the weight. Here is my breakdown:

Feb 14 (Valentine's Day): 250 lbs. (Due to my unexpected firing and the subsequent depression, I did not reach this goal. However, I believe that it will be easy to make up for this failure.)

Mar 28 (Our 10 yr anniversary): 235 lbs. (This one may be a little hard to hit right on the nose since I'm a little behind, but I would settle for close to that)

Apr 19 (My 29th birthday): 225 lbs. (This would put me within five pounds of my wedding weight which I was quite happy with.)

July 4 (Independence Day): 200 lbs. (This is just a good summer date to want to be comfy in shorts and tank tops.)

July 22 (Nathan's cousin's wedding in San Francisco): 190 lbs. (We really want to go to this and if we are able, I definitely want to look and feel good. Especially since San Francisco is so hilly and I want to be able to get around without too much huffing and puffing.)

Sept 4 (Labor Day): 170 lbs. (This is just a nice in between date and who knows, we might want to go camping or something outdoorsy and I need to be in shape to enjoy that.)

Oct 2 (Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary): 160 lbs.!!! (I feel like this would be the best wedding present to Nathan and myself. My lack of confidence and self-consciousness have really affected our relationship.)

I believe I can achieve these goals. It all makes it seem more attainable than to think of it as losing 110 lbs. in 8 months.
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